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Kiss Me in the Rain

It was a beautiful day…to start. The sky azure, the brilliant sunlight made the dew covered grass sparkle like a field of precious gems. So dazzling, so lush, so Spring! It was a perfect day for a first date.







Turning away from the window, Ava told herself that the dawning of an idyllic day did not necessarily portend a good date. Ethan had suggested an outside meeting place, though, so you never know. She towel dried her hair, and opened the closet. What the hell should she wear?

A few hours later, she met him at the park. He smiled, his eye sweeping over her. She’d decided on a cotton sundress. It was warm enough for that. Ethan was wearing a pair of nicely fitting jeans, and tee – Ava had no idea what band it was.

She returned his smile, a bit nervous now. She didn’t like dating. It was such an awkward ritual. He’d seemed so nice, when she’d met him, accidentally, at the bookstore. They’d struck up a conversation about an author they both enjoyed. Ava hadn’t realized she was flirting until he asked for her number. She’d only hesitated for a minute. She never followed through with any of the matches on the dating app she used. Why not try this unexpected face-to-face connection. He was smart and funny, and he read. That was more than she could say about most guys.

“Shall we walk?”

“Sure,” Ava said. Serene hiking trails, that’s what the website had said. “I’ve never been to this park. Do you have a trail picked out?”

They walked, side by side, making the appropriate comments about the gloriousness of the day, and how refreshing spring was, after the dismal months of winter. Ethan was a student, studying agriculture. Ava wondered what he would think if he knew her age. She was old enough to be, well, considerably older than she suspected he was.

As they ambled along, stopping to look when there was something to see, the clouds began to roll in. She looked up when the wind began to whip her hair into her face.

“Rain was not forecast,” she said.

Ethan looked up at the now roiling sky. “No. It wasn’t,” he said.

He stood in the middle of the path, as other hikers scurried by in a mad rush to the parking lot. They were a good 45 minutes in to their walk. Ava had no illusion that they were going to outpace the imminent downpour.

“Charge, or retreat?” she asked.

He took her hand, and pulled her off the beaten path, under some trees with large branches as big, thick drops of rain began to fall. The branches provided some cover, until the deluge was released from above. They were soon soaked.

Ava laughed, then shivered. The wind had picked up, and it sent a chill through her. She glanced at Ethan. His tee-shirt clung to his body, accentuating his muscular frame. She found that most pleasant to gaze at. He looked at her then, and when she saw his eyes narrow, it occurred to her that her dress must be clinging similarly to her. She blushed.

He reached out, his strong arms encircling her waist, and pulling her into his embrace. She tilted her head to look up at him as her arms found their way around his broad shoulders. The rain was cold, but his lips were warm. The level of heat increased as he pushed his tongue into her mouth, and not only where their mouths met. His hands slipped from her waist to her ass, and he pulled her against him. She thrust her hips forward, and could feel that this rain kiss was turning him on, too.














He moved a hand up to caress her breast. She could feel the warmth through her flimsy cotton dress and bra. Her nipples were already stiff because of the cold rain, but now they responded to his touch.

“Oh, baby,” he said, his lips moving from her mouth to her neck, his hot breath on her cold flesh causing her body to shudder with desire. He unbuttoned her dress, and slid a hand into her bra. He returned to kissing her lips, and she moaned when he pinched her stiff nipple. He backed her against the trunk of the tree, pressing his crotch into her.

Ava didn’t know how long they kissed, in this unexpected spring shower. It was over though, as quickly as it had begun. The sun returned, and the clouds dispersed. They drew away from each other, and she adjusted her bra, and rebuttoned her top.

They walked back to the parking lot.


Stormy Passion

The loud clap of thunder jolts me from my sleep. I look at the clock. 3 a.m. Too early to wake up. I turn in the bed, hugging a pillow, willing myself back to sleep. Another rumble, punctuated by a sharp crack informs me that slumber will elude me for now. I shift to my back, my eyes adjusting to the flashes of lightning illuminating the room like a strobe.

It is an intense storm.


You stir in your sleep at the next big burst, but you have always slept deeper than I. You sigh and push your head in the pillows as the lightning plays in the dark room. I listen to the rain whipping at the windows, and to your breathing, low and steady.

My attention has shifted now, from the storm to your warm body next to me. I can feel the electricity from the storm fill the air as I gaze at you sprawled naked on the bed. Gently, so as not to disturb you, I reach out to touch you, the heat that radiates from you makes my hand tingle as if there were a storm all it’s own between my fingertips and your supine body.

The tingle spreads, and I feel a familiar tug between my legs.

“Don’t be selfish,” I think to myself as I turn to face you, my hand moving to caress your shoulder. You stir again and reach for me, pulling me into your embrace. I slide closer to you, my arm curling around your neck as I push myself against you. I stop then, and remain still.

I will not wake you. It is enough that our naked bodies are entwined. I close my eyes as the storm continues, each flash of lightning intensifying my longing for you. I cannot help myself – I push my hips into yours, and I can feel that the storm has affected you too. Despite my good intentions, I slide my hand over your chest, then lower still, across your stomach. You catch your breath, and pull me to you, your face nuzzled in my hair, as your lips kiss my neck.

“I’m sorry …” I say, mustering what innocence I can. “The storm … Did I wake you?”

“It must have been the thunder,” you say, just before your lips claim mine.

Our passion rises with the intensity of the storm, and our kisses become more urgent. Familiar touch, we know each others bodies so well, but the storm adds an unexpected element of excitement, as if Mother Nature herself has devised the weather just so we will rediscover our deep passion, this very night. Breathing hard, you push me onto my back. Your beautiful, sleepy eyes, illuminated with each burst of lightning, gaze down at me.

“Yes!” I cry, as I open myself to you. The wind, the thunder, the sound of the rain beating on the windows, provide a symphony and rhythm for our lovemaking. You, and I, and the storm reach a simultaneous crescendo.

As the storm recedes, lying next to each other, languorous, hands clasped, I sigh contentedly in the dark. I turn my head and see, in the light of a distant lightning flash, your lips curved in a smile.

“That was quite a storm,” I say.

“I like thunderstorms,” you say, reaching out to pull me into a warm embrace. I snuggle against you, and feel sleep overcome me as I listen to your deep even breathing.

Love in the Park

There is something decidedly tantalizing about being au naturel outdoors. A gentle breeze flowing across your breasts and making your nipples hard, blowing like a lover’s breath between your legs. Exposing the parts of your body that never see the light of day to warm rays of sunshine is a sensual experience.

Sexier still, is your partner spreading a blanket in the park and inviting you to sit down. He sits behind you and begins to kiss your neck. As you lean back into him, his arms pull you into a warm embrace, and his hands reach up and unbutton your light cotton blouse. You melt against him as his hands slide up to caress you.

His hot kisses still lingering on your neck, he whispers a sweet nothing in your ear as he reaches behind and unhooks your bra. Your breasts uncovered in the sunlight, his fingers pinching your hard nipples gently, makes you squirm. His touch feels so good, and being outside adds a note of delicious wickedness to the feel of his hands squeezing and teasing your bare tits.

He moves then, until he is in front of you, and leans in to kiss your lips. It is your turn to unbutton his shirt, slowly, while he kisses you deeply. When the last button is undone, you reach up to run your hands over his bared chest, and lower, over his stomach.

You whimper with want, and he sighs, as he pushes you back onto the blanket. When he presses his chest against you as he sinks his tongue deep in your mouth, you pull him close. Laying on the ground, the sweet smell of spring all around you, his naked skin against yours intoxicates you. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, and he reaches down, pushing your skirt up until it bunches around your hips. You move a hand up to pull his head closer to you, wanting his deepest kiss.

His hand slips between your legs, and your back arches to meet his touch as he slowly and rhythmically rubs you through your panties. Your breathing quickens and you place your hand over his, pressing it into you as you writhe in ecstasy. You begin to tug at his jeans, managing to unbutton them while he continues to kiss and fondle you. You inch the zipper down. Just as you are about to slide your hand into his pants, he pulls abruptly away from you. Your eyes flutter open, blinking in the brightness, and an involuntary sound of protest escapes your lips.

He moves next to you and slowly, deliberately, slides your panties down. He smiles at you at you as he slips them off. You are half naked in broad daylight with your lover.

He moves between your legs, spreading your thighs with his knees. Your eyes widen with pleasure at the sight of him kneeling in front of you in sexy dishabille. His shirt hanging open, his jeans unzipped, hinting at hidden delight. You want him so much in that perfect moment. You thrust your hips suggestively.

Again, he smiles. “I’m glad you thought to bring a picnic,” he says in a deep, husky voice, as his head dips between your legs.



The Romantic Dinner

What is the perfect romantic dinner?  There are certain elements I’m sure everyone agrees on: candlelight, wine, chocolate… and of course, hot, smoldering looks throughout the meal. But when you invite a man over for dinner – the one that is leading to THE moment, how do you prepare? What do you cook?

The first part of the evening you should concentrate on is, well, you. You want to be relaxed and inviting. Take a hot bubble bath with some sensuous essential oils before you begin preparing dinner.  When you dress, choose the clothes that make you feel comfortable and sexy. Dressing for him is fine, but remember, this is your night too, and it will unfold much better if you are feeling confident and natural.


Set the mood. Soft lighting, some sensual background music, perhaps a vanilla potpourri. Remember, all the senses can be titillated, and the more the brain’s pleasure center is stimulated, the better the sex is going to be.

What should you serve for dinner? I posted an article about aphrodisiac foods the other day. Whatever you do, stay in your culinary comfort zone. Don’t try a new and complicated recipe if you don’t know your way around the kitchen too well, or if you are not sure how something will turn out. You want good food, and you don’t want stress worrying about it.

Prepare lighter foods – fish or a tasty filet with rice or steamed vegetables is much better than a heavy meat and potatoes dinner. You don’t want him thinking about a nap instead of you after dinner! Keep the number of courses at or below 4 – appetizer, soup/salad, entrée, and dessert. Serve food with red wine.


Keep in mind, food can be part of foreplay. Feed him bites of food from your fingers. If he reciprocates, take the food from his fingers into your mouth while staring into his eyes. Grab his wrist with both your hands and suck his fingers to get every bit of flavor from them. If you can work whipped cream into your chocolate dessert, be sure to do it. Then get creative.

You can find some recipe suggestions from Sara’s recipes in this free eCookbook when you sign up for the Romance with Rowena newsletter.



Aphrodisiac Food

Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs. There is, apparently, science to back this up.  A variety of foods, due to the vitamins and minerals they contain, actually stimulate the pleasure center of the brain.  Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs because of a suggestive appearance. Some foods have libido enhancing aromas. Others may spark neurotransmitters that imitate the the feelings of sexual arousal or love.

Oysters, probably the most oft cited aphrodisiac food, contain high levels of zinc, a nutrient essential to the production of testosterone (key to libido stimulation for both men and women).  The sweet. salty flavor of oysters is also reminiscent of a powerful female pheromone.

Avocados contain high levels of vitamin E, sometimes referred to as the sex vitamin. Avocados also contain a lot of potassium, which enhances libido.

Pomegranates are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, both key nutrients in a healthy sex drive.

The scent of red wine  resembles a mans pheromones. Red wine also contains antioxidants which help blood flow. Blood flow is important to sex, as everyone knows.

Everything about chocolate is sexy! Not only does dark chocolate smell and taste sensuous, eating it causes dopamine levels to spike.  Dopamine  is released in the brain when we fall in love. Dark chocolate also releases tryptophan  a chemical associated with arousal.

Watermelon (this one surprised me, too!), is full of lycopene, which relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation. Studies suggest that watermelon may actually have a viagra-like effect!

These are just a few foods considered to be aphrodisiacs. There are many others, including bananas, red chili peppers, figs,  asparagus, and strawberries.

Can a Lost Moment Be Recaptured?

It happens, usually when you are not expecting it. You see him across the room. Your eyes meet… and lock. There is something about him. He’s not like all the other guys at the bar / party / concert.  Never breaking eye contact, he saunters over to you.

Whatever he says to you in his deep, sexy voice is the perfect thing.  You respond, he smiles. Something inside of you feels suddenly soft and light. A quick once over confirms that all of him is delectable.

He moves closer. You can feel the heat from his body. The conversation begins. He’s smart and funny. He is attentive to your words and body language. The casual flirtation turns into an opportunity.  It’s only a matter of time before he leans down to kiss you. And you want him to. You’re anticipating it with every meaningful look.

Then… he makes an awkward comment, or misunderstands something you say, or  his eyes linger a bit too long on the woman that walks by and smiles at him.  The image of you bringing him coffee in your bed in the morning is shattered. It had been so perfect! Now suddenly, it isn’t.

You turn away from him for the first time since your eyes met.

“What, baby?” he asks you. It’s the same sexy voice, the same hot body, the same smoldering gaze. But he knows something has changed. He drifts away.

You see him as you’re getting ready to leave. Again, your eyes meet. You feel a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth as he flashes you a sweet, sexy grin. You reconsider.

Then, with an imperceptible shake of your head, you shrug your coat on and go home. Alone. shot