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They simply took up residence

I had been hard at work on a sequel to my first novel when something unexpected  happened.  A new couple, Claire and Aaron, dropped in to my imagination, and demanded that their story be told. They were quite insistent, and I could not convince them to wait their turn.

So, I veered onto another road – a quiet a cul-de-sac in a distinctly upper class neighborhood in Ann Arbor. Claire and Aaron Delecroix live in a beautiful house on the tree-lined street. It seems they have everything – love, success, family and friends.

Claire is a middle-aged woman, and she loves her much younger husband passionately and deeply. Aaron returns her love with steady devotion and tender regard – he wants only for her to be happy. A perfect couple …

Yet it seems that things are not as idyllic in the Delecroix home as they appear on the surface. What happens there, when the curtains are drawn? What drives Claire to seek fulfillment elsewhere?


I was compelled to find out, as Claire refused be silenced. I wrote everything down as I followed her through a byzantine labyrinth of love and betrayal, lies and broken promises, and ultimately, redemption, and a triumph of sorts, of the heart.

Release date TBA.


Deep and Moody, Sexy, Bad Boys

What is it about the bad boys? I’m not talking about the shallow, conceited fops that think they are all that. I’m talking about the dark, brooding type – the self-sufficient, doesn’t need you, or any woman, for that matter, type. The still water that you just know runs deep.


He’s brusque, he’s rough, and a gentleman in his own way. He’ll come over and help you prune your bushes when he sees you struggling on the ladder, but he’ll brush off your invite to stick around for a beer (and whatever) when the job is done. You’ll regretfully watch him retreat, sighing as he walks across your lawn, his firm ass hugged by his tight jeans, inviting a pat or a squeeze.

You see him shirtless, washing his car in the drive on Saturday, seemingly oblivious to the effect he has on you when you see his sweat covered back and broad shoulders glistening in the sun. He goes out for long solitary rides on his motorcycle, and you stare out your window as he leaves, watching him, longing to sit behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, and lean into him. When he mows the lawn wearing only his cut off shorts, well, that is just too much. You retreat to your bedroom and draw the curtains, overcome with lustful longing.

You make excuses to be out in the yard when you think you might catch him. Engaging him in conversation becomes an obsessive goal. You’re sure that if he will just open up to you, he’ll be warm, and sweet, and funny. If he just gets to know you, he’s bound to fall in love with you and sweep you off your feet. He is, you’re quite sure, the perfect guy under that gruff exterior. You bake cookies and bring them to him. The first time he smiles at you, you melt.

You imagine he’s been deeply hurt, and of course, that you can heal him. He just hasn’t met the right woman yet, you rationalize, somehow knowing that it’s you. He was raised by wolves, and simply doesn’t comprehend human social interaction. You fantasize that his wolf nature will overtake him one night, and he will ravage you and make you his own.

If you do manage to get through to him, you find that he is sweet and tender, and loves you better than anyone ever has before. And the sex is fantastic! Yet there is always a part of him that remains inaccessible to you. He can still become moody and withdrawn. It makes you crazy, knowing you will never be able to touch the part of him that drew you to him in the first place. Then the cloud passes, and his mood lifts. You wake up to see him smiling down at you in the sunlight, and all is well in your world.

Well Dressed Men in Sexy Dishabille

I posted about casual attire the other day, and how hot men can look in the right pair of jeans. Well dressed men are equally hot. Maybe even more so.

Hot, sexy, dishabille
Oh yummy!

A man wearing an expensive, well tailored suit exudes sexiness. He is successful, confident,  and knows how to please a woman. Getting him undressed is always a treat! Something about a well-dressed man in sexy dishabille is such a turn on. That crisp, white shirt hanging open, revealing the soft tuft of hair on his chest, and the glory trail leading to untold delights.

It doesn’t matter who unbuckles his belt. It’s hot when he does it, you watch in anticipation. It’s hot when you do it, like unwrapping  a present.  Either way, watching his clothes being removed piece by piece is an incomparable visual pleasure that never fails to entice.