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Welcome, and thank you for visiting.   I hope you enjoy my stories – be sure to read a few while you’re here.  While my blog has taken a definite turn toward erotica, that is not all I write. My first novel is straight up chick lit – although I promise there is some steamy sex! My second is a darker tale of love that I have yet to discover the category for.

I am a romance writer. For now. I do love romance, though have failed at it repeatedly in real life. To compensate, I write the men that will never break my heart, that will never disappoint me, that make my tender heart beat faster. Not really! Broken hearts are grist for any writers mill – never mind the genre. While I try to fall in love at least three times a week, I writhe in exquisite writer agony/ ecstasy when my heart is broken four times the same week!

The stories you read on my blog are based on my real life escapades. Please keep in mind, however, I never let the truth spoil a good story.

You’ll find Jesse a recurring presence in my stories. He is the man of my dreams. He is real, and he is my muse. While I would never suggest I am anything more than in lust with him, I would slit my wrists, if required, to spend one night with him, and wake up to his sweet, sexy smile the next morning.