They simply took up residence

I had been hard at work on a sequel to my first novel when something unexpected  happened.  A new couple, Claire and Aaron, dropped in to my imagination, and demanded that their story be told. They were quite insistent, and I could not convince them to wait their turn.

So, I veered onto another road – a quiet a cul-de-sac in a distinctly upper class neighborhood in Ann Arbor. Claire and Aaron Delecroix live in a beautiful house on the tree-lined street. It seems they have everything – love, success, family and friends.

Claire is a middle-aged woman, and she loves her much younger husband passionately and deeply. Aaron returns her love with steady devotion and tender regard – he wants only for her to be happy. A perfect couple …

Yet it seems that things are not as idyllic in the Delecroix home as they appear on the surface. What happens there, when the curtains are drawn? What drives Claire to seek fulfillment elsewhere?


I was compelled to find out, as Claire refused be silenced. I wrote everything down as I followed her through a byzantine labyrinth of love and betrayal, lies and broken promises, and ultimately, redemption, and a triumph of sorts, of the heart.

Release date TBA.


3 thoughts on “They simply took up residence”

  1. Sounds exciting! I’d like to read it one day! As someone who lives not far from Ann Arbor, I hope you spice it up with a lot of local sights.

  2. This has a lot of potential, Rowena! I don’t know why but I’m always intrigued if there’s a big age difference and my mind wonders thinking of all the possibilities. Yes, being a mature woman and going for someone that’s half your age is sexy as hell and gives you a ton of self confidence but there’s a lot of drawbacks in my opinion. I don’t know if I could resist in a relationship like this in the long run…

  3. I am desperately waiting for a complete version of this hot story. Rowena, you have already created so much hype. I’m desperate to know what happens next! When you intend to release it?

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