They simply took up residence

I had been hard at work on a sequel to my first novel when something unexpected  happened.  A new couple, Claire and Aaron, dropped in to my imagination, and demanded that their story be told. They were quite insistent, and I could not convince them to wait their turn.

So, I veered onto another road – a quiet a cul-de-sac in a distinctly upper class neighborhood in Ann Arbor. Claire and Aaron Delecroix live in a beautiful house on the tree-lined street. It seems they have everything – love, success, family and friends.

Claire is a middle-aged woman, and she loves her much younger husband passionately and deeply. Aaron returns her love with steady devotion and tender regard – he wants only for her to be happy. A perfect couple …

Yet it seems that things are not as idyllic in the Delecroix home as they appear on the surface. What happens there, when the curtains are drawn? What drives Claire to seek fulfillment elsewhere?


I was compelled to find out, as Claire refused be silenced. I wrote everything down as I followed her through a byzantine labyrinth of love and betrayal, lies and broken promises, and ultimately, redemption, and a triumph of sorts, of the heart.

Release date TBA.


It was so real …

Like many authors, I have a day job.  And a teenager.  And a life.

So, I write when I can.  A couple of hours in the evening, as much as I can on weekends.  Scribbling notes furiously at lunchtime.  Sitting in the customer lounge, waiting while my car is serviced…










Oops! I said my car! My car is being serviced! (Perk of being a writer: you can let your thoughts take you anywhere …anywhere.)

This past week, I did something different. I took the entire week off specifically to work on my current novel. There was some procrastinating, but mostly, I worked diligently. I had a complete draft at the beginning of the week, and wanted to spend the time editing.

It was an enlightening experience. I’ve never been able to spend such a large amount of time with my characters all at once. Immersing myself in their story, so deeply, and without interruption proved intoxicating! I fell asleep in my story at night, and woke up with my characters in the morning. It reminded me of the clear and unfettered imagination of my youth.

This is what it must be like to be a full-time writer! Days spent watching the story you created as it unfolds. Arguing with your characters when they won’t do or say what you want them to. Feeling their joy and their hurt as you lovingly guide them on their journey. I’m so sorry, Claire, that I made you weep so much!

Today is “back to reality,” and I feel as if I’m waking from a dream. I did not know I was still capable of being so deeply absorbed in the fantasies of my own mind. And while I don’t mind too much that I need to wash clothes and dishes, and run to the grocery store, I feel just slightly despondent, because I don’t know if the same Claire and Aaron will greet me when next I sit down at my desk to type. Will we still be as intimate as we have been the past week?

I hope so! Claire still needs to navigate the labyrinth of shame and guilt she is trapped in, and I’m pretty sure only I can help her. And Aaron? Well, who wouldn’t want to come home to him?