The Saddest Words …

I fell in love. A little bit, but just a little.

He was a shy, sweet, sexy man. An intelligent, witty, young man. Tall, and lean, with blue eyes, so he told me. About the eyes. His pictures bore out the truth of his physique, but none revealed his eyes clearly. His smile was appealing, and sincere, but who knows what his eyes would have told me?

We met online, and only ever online. We were members of the same forum. Not a dating site, or a place to fall in love, it was a mutual interest discussion forum. We enjoyed our exchanges so much, we eventually abandoned the forum for our conversation, and switched to email.

We exchanged personal information, and a few pics.  We talked about meeting, though he lived far away. The conversation intensified, and so did my fantasies. I wanted to meet him, in fact, I was sure that we would spark in person, as we had online.

It was not to be. Our correspondence faded. Where we had once emailed each other daily, sometimes several times a day, there were now intervals of weeks between emails. I sent him a happy new year message yesterday, wanting him to know that I still think of him. Maybe he will respond. Maybe he won’t.

So I can be sad for those saddest words “…what might have been.” But I don’t really have to be, do I? Because nothing ventured, nothing gained…or lost. And nothing was, was it? `

One thought on “The Saddest Words …”

  1. Ah, the possibilities of a chance meeting, a new fresh pasture of unrelenting dreams to harvest the deepest of fantasy along with a stream of unanswered questions, ever hoping, all-consuming and forever bright, from the deepest of hearts.

    This is beautiful and I love the ending, because there is nevr an end to an open wondrous heart.

    Thank you for opening doors.

    Stuart Lawson Beattie
    Skipton Poets Guild.

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