The Romance of Dressing Right (New Project Runway Starts Tonight!)

“You’re either in, or you’re out.” Heidi is so matter of fact! i try to imitate her when my cats stand indecisively at the door.

Completely off the romance path, but new season of Project Runway! I’m so excited! Maybe not totally off topic, though, now that I think about it. Clothes can be sexy, romantic, and certainly an element in catching the eye of the opposite sex. So! Let’s categorize this post as romantic clothing!

I love that show. I’ve been watching since season one – which, in my opinion was the best. I have missed a few seasons along the way, and have never been a fan of all-stars, though I did watch at least part of the one with Austin Scarlett. I still can’t believe he didn’t win. I adore him, and his designs. He is so talented.

Sewing is one of the things I do in my free time (Haha! As if I have such a thing). Mostly, I make costumes – I have a beautiful dress to wear when I go to the Renaissance Festival, but have also made Halloween and Anime costumes. Sesshomaru (from Inuyasha) – that was a difficult design!

Anyway, I will take a break from writing on Thursday nights for the next several weeks to watch Heidi decide who in in and who is out. I love seeing the fantastic (and not so fantastic) clothes the designers make, and disagreeing with the judges. I don’t know how many times, over the course of the years I’ve been watching I have shrieked incredulously, “Who would wear that‽”

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