Writer’s Block Cleared – The Words Are Flowing Once Again!

Oh my God! Finally! After six long months of writer’s block, the words have started to flow again! I don’t know if I was ignoring Claire and Aaron, or they were ignoring me, but we are reunited in blissful inspiration. It’s strange, and kind of sad, the way this monumental block was cleared. An unpleasant experience triggered some negative feelings in me. As I struggled to regain my equilibrium, Claire appeared clearly in my mind once again.

“Yes,” she whispered to me, “you know how I feel. Write it down.”


3000+ words poured through my fingertips last night! I am having trouble typing fast enough to keep up with the story as it is unfolding. I am excited to be writing again. I hope my surge of happy doesn’t negate the unhappy thoughts that provoked this flow of creativity. It would kind of suck to require melancholy throughout the writing of this book …

… Nope. Writing definitely makes me happy. The next chapter is being transcribed in my thoughts even as I type this blog post. Thank you, I guess, Pierce, for being such a disappointment.


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