Deep and Moody, Sexy, Bad Boys

What is it about the bad boys? I’m not talking about the shallow, conceited fops that think they are all that. I’m talking about the dark, brooding type – the self-sufficient, doesn’t need you, or any woman, for that matter, type. The still water that you just know runs deep.


He’s brusque, he’s rough, and a gentleman in his own way. He’ll come over and help you prune your bushes when he sees you struggling on the ladder, but he’ll brush off your invite to stick around for a beer (and whatever) when the job is done. You’ll regretfully watch him retreat, sighing as he walks across your lawn, his firm ass hugged by his tight jeans, inviting a pat or a squeeze.

You see him shirtless, washing his car in the drive on Saturday, seemingly oblivious to the effect he has on you when you see his sweat covered back and broad shoulders glistening in the sun. He goes out for long solitary rides on his motorcycle, and you stare out your window as he leaves, watching him, longing to sit behind him and wrap your arms around his waist, and lean into him. When he mows the lawn wearing only his cut off shorts, well, that is just too much. You retreat to your bedroom and draw the curtains, overcome with lustful longing.

You make excuses to be out in the yard when you think you might catch him. Engaging him in conversation becomes an obsessive goal. You’re sure that if he will just open up to you, he’ll be warm, and sweet, and funny. If he just gets to know you, he’s bound to fall in love with you and sweep you off your feet. He is, you’re quite sure, the perfect guy under that gruff exterior. You bake cookies and bring them to him. The first time he smiles at you, you melt.

You imagine he’s been deeply hurt, and of course, that you can heal him. He just hasn’t met the right woman yet, you rationalize, somehow knowing that it’s you. He was raised by wolves, and simply doesn’t comprehend human social interaction. You fantasize that his wolf nature will overtake him one night, and he will ravage you and make you his own.

If you do manage to get through to him, you find that he is sweet and tender, and loves you better than anyone ever has before. And the sex is fantastic! Yet there is always a part of him that remains inaccessible to you. He can still become moody and withdrawn. It makes you crazy, knowing you will never be able to touch the part of him that drew you to him in the first place. Then the cloud passes, and his mood lifts. You wake up to see him smiling down at you in the sunlight, and all is well in your world.

Love in the Park

There is something decidedly tantalizing about being au naturel outdoors. A gentle breeze flowing across your breasts and making your nipples hard, blowing like a lover’s breath between your legs. Exposing the parts of your body that never see the light of day to warm rays of sunshine is a sensual experience.

Sexier still, is your partner spreading a blanket in the park and inviting you to sit down. He sits behind you and begins to kiss your neck. As you lean back into him, his arms pull you into a warm embrace, and his hands reach up and unbutton your light cotton blouse. You melt against him as his hands slide up to caress you.

His hot kisses still lingering on your neck, he whispers a sweet nothing in your ear as he reaches behind and unhooks your bra. Your breasts uncovered in the sunlight, his fingers pinching your hard nipples gently, makes you squirm. His touch feels so good, and being outside adds a note of delicious wickedness to the feel of his hands squeezing and teasing your bare tits.

He moves then, until he is in front of you, and leans in to kiss your lips. It is your turn to unbutton his shirt, slowly, while he kisses you deeply. When the last button is undone, you reach up to run your hands over his bared chest, and lower, over his stomach.

You whimper with want, and he sighs, as he pushes you back onto the blanket. When he presses his chest against you as he sinks his tongue deep in your mouth, you pull him close. Laying on the ground, the sweet smell of spring all around you, his naked skin against yours intoxicates you. You wrap your arms around his shoulders, and he reaches down, pushing your skirt up until it bunches around your hips. You move a hand up to pull his head closer to you, wanting his deepest kiss.

His hand slips between your legs, and your back arches to meet his touch as he slowly and rhythmically rubs you through your panties. Your breathing quickens and you place your hand over his, pressing it into you as you writhe in ecstasy. You begin to tug at his jeans, managing to unbutton them while he continues to kiss and fondle you. You inch the zipper down. Just as you are about to slide your hand into his pants, he pulls abruptly away from you. Your eyes flutter open, blinking in the brightness, and an involuntary sound of protest escapes your lips.

He moves next to you and slowly, deliberately, slides your panties down. He smiles at you at you as he slips them off. You are half naked in broad daylight with your lover.

He moves between your legs, spreading your thighs with his knees. Your eyes widen with pleasure at the sight of him kneeling in front of you in sexy dishabille. His shirt hanging open, his jeans unzipped, hinting at hidden delight. You want him so much in that perfect moment. You thrust your hips suggestively.

Again, he smiles. “I’m glad you thought to bring a picnic,” he says in a deep, husky voice, as his head dips between your legs.