In the Spring

In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.


It’s a famous poem, Locksley Hall, by Tennyson, albeit not the happiest. You can read the whole tale of love and rejection here.

Is it really love he is thinking about? Spring is naturally mating time for most species, why would our evolutionary tale be any different? As sentient beings, we have wrapped our mating rituals in a very complex package. We expect so much more than the simple biological call of our reproductive instinct.

Flowers, and pretty words, affection and intimacy. We don’t just want a male, we want the right male – the one that makes our heart beat faster, the one with the sweet smile. Are our elaborate courtship customs so different than what we observe in the animal kingdom in the spring? We primp, we preen, we flirt, we tease, as does he.

Happily, we are not locked in to any intractable cycle dictated by the spinning of the earth. We like sex any time, in any season. But there is something special about spring …