THe Best Love Songs



There is nothing as sweet as a good love song. Here are a few love songs I never grow tired of listening to:

Sara, by Bob Dylan, is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written.  You can read the lyrics here. It’s a song about the love we all yearn for. I especially like this song because Sara is the name of my heroine in Ingénue.

Tupelo Honey, by Van Morrison, is another song that grabs your heart. You can hear the true love in this song.

Kiss of Life, by Sade, is great background music for the love scenes in your life. “You wrap me up in the color of love.” Perfect!

Prettiest Eyes, by The Beautiful South, about forever love. Not sure what is up with the video, but the song, and the sentiment are incomparable as far as love goes. Read the lyrics.

Wicked Game, by Chris Isaak is such a yearning, haunting song. The video is pretty hot!

Fascination, by David Bowie – an unexpected bit of lusty, hotness from one of my favorite artists. This song is all about sex! Read the dripping with desire lyrics.


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