Playful Flirtation, Missed Opportunity?

I went with my sister the other day to one of those home shows. You know, where you walk around and fill a bag with pens and other random advertising giveaways. I actually measure the goodness of  home shows by how many pens I get. My sons laugh at me and ask me why I don’t just go buy some pens if I need them, but they simply don’t understand.  These pens are FREE, and I just picked them up off a table, and slid them into my big plastic bag with handles.  I love my home show pens.

While I was waiting for my sis, I had some time to kill. Someone is always trying to sell something at these shows.  As I stood indecisively in the aisle, I was approached by an attractive young man engaged in just that activity. Who knows what he was selling? I don’t even remember, but I was captivated by his smile, so I nodded my head.  He gently touched my shoulder, steering me toward his booth. I went along willingly.

He indicated a chair I should sit in, and handed me a clipboard with a form that needed to be filled out. At that point, I began to lose interest. I had no intention of buying anything, and sitting there freely giving my email address and phone number to some unknown company while I waited for whoever was going to come with the hard sell didn’t appeal. But then my young man sat down in the chair next to me – very close. In fact, his thigh was pressed against mine as he leaned toward me to help with any of the fields on the form I had questions about.

He asked where I was from, and we had a playful little conversation about things to do around town. He never moved his leg, in fact, I’m sure he pressed it more firmly against mine more than once. Another day, I might have been uncomfortable with the casual familiarity of his touch, but that day, I was enjoying it. Was he just trying hard to make a sale? He already knew, based on my answers on the form that I wasn’t going to buy, but that did not deter him from sitting with me a while longer.

My sister eventually showed up, and that was that. I smiled at him and stood up. He stood up and shook my hand. The whole thing was really rather sweet.

But I wonder… What if I had laid my hand on his thigh as we chatted flirtatiously? If I had leaned over and whispered, “Want to find a secluded corner?” I wonder what would have happened then. I’ll never know.