The Sequel … Yes … I Think So … Maybe?

It seems readers are anticipating a sequel to Ingénue.  The ending has been called “cliffhanger” more than once.  People want to know what happens next.


Shortly after finishing the novel, I was sure there was a sequel.
I missed Sara, and Eric, and Nathan – I didn’t know what to do with my time without them.  I even started writing the next book.

There is some good news on this front – I am still fairly sure there is more of this story to tell. I cannot guaranty that all readers will be satisfied with the outcome. I know what everyone wants. I just don’t know the ending yet – Sara has not shown it to me.

I am, however,  on a detour from the sequel. Another book is demanding to be written first. It’s about Claire and Aaron – a romance (I think). Claire loves Aaron. Everything about him is perfect. Except the thing that isn’t.  And that one thing is a threat to their marriage, to their love, and to Claire’s physical and emotional well-being.

I’ll keep you up to date with the new book and the sequel!

Ingénue Reviews


Ingénue has been getting some great reviews since it became a best seller!  Here’s what readers are saying:

I thought that Rowena did a great job of balancing story and steamy sex, which always seems to be a difficult challenge for erotic authors to get right. In fact, the story was so well designed that it could work without the graphic sex, although personally I prefer it with that component. All-in-all, this book was a great entry into a genre that often gets filled with fluff. I will be interested in seeing what else the author writes in the future.”  ~Cassandra, 1-26-2016

Awake in a Sweet Unrest is more than just a very well written romance novel… The characters are very realistically created, the details are accurate and imaginative, and the story itself is heart racing and thoroughly well thought out… Readers that enjoy stimulating romance will find nothing in this book to be disappointed by…” ~Catherine, 1-25-2016

Awake in a Sweet Unrest by Rowena Tisdale is a highly erotic romance  … she meets Nathan Remington, that is, and then her life is thrown totally off kilter in more ways than one. Nathan introduces Sara to a world where her vibrator could never take her…Awake in a Sweet Unrest is a tale of eroticism that is told well. Tisdale’s prose is engaging and immediately draws you in. ~Marta, 1-25-2016

Awake in a Sweet Unrest by Rowena Tisdale is a fast-paced, spicy love story that employs the classic love triangle plotline. Has it been used a hundred times? You bet. Is it good every single time? Also yes. Is it ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC in this book? Yes yes yes!! The contrast between dark, domineering, passionate Nathan and sweet, charming, good-hearted Eric makes Sara’s struggle to choose between them extremely interesting for readers … I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romances—especially steamy ones—or love stories. Great read! ~Ashley, 1-24-2016

All in all, this book is perfect for anyone who loves a good romance and cliffhanger ending. I’d love to see where this story is going to unfold in the future, so I’ll keep an eye out for an sequels The novel is definitely on par with some of the top named romance/erotic books on the market today. ~Mia, 1-23-2016

This is an erotic, yet intriguing story line. A very well written book that’s sure to leave you wanting more!

Michigan author Rowena Tisdale has stepped into the arena of popular literature that is becoming known as Chick Lit … Romance with a bit of mystery frosted with erotica makes a special treat and Rowena, a single mother, dishes it up well. This seems to be her debut published novel and it [p]laces her in the upper echelon of her fellow Chick Lit authors. She knows how to tell a story and create a stir among readers fortunate enough to come across her work … Sound like an erotic two-pronged romantic adventure? Well it is, and one that signals the arrival of a new writer who knows her business. ~Grady, 1-16-2016 (Top 100 Amazon Reviewer)

Rowena Tisdale, really can spin a tale like no other. She was very creative and descriptive … ~Katie, 1-13-2016
… from the start, I really enjoyed it. It seemed realistic and was definitely engaging and interesting. I liked how the characters were ones I felt I could relate to … This is my first book by Rowena Tisdale but I imagine it won’t be my last. ~Karsun, 1-13-2016

The Romantic Dinner

What is the perfect romantic dinner?  There are certain elements I’m sure everyone agrees on: candlelight, wine, chocolate… and of course, hot, smoldering looks throughout the meal. But when you invite a man over for dinner – the one that is leading to THE moment, how do you prepare? What do you cook?

The first part of the evening you should concentrate on is, well, you. You want to be relaxed and inviting. Take a hot bubble bath with some sensuous essential oils before you begin preparing dinner.  When you dress, choose the clothes that make you feel comfortable and sexy. Dressing for him is fine, but remember, this is your night too, and it will unfold much better if you are feeling confident and natural.


Set the mood. Soft lighting, some sensual background music, perhaps a vanilla potpourri. Remember, all the senses can be titillated, and the more the brain’s pleasure center is stimulated, the better the sex is going to be.

What should you serve for dinner? I posted an article about aphrodisiac foods the other day. Whatever you do, stay in your culinary comfort zone. Don’t try a new and complicated recipe if you don’t know your way around the kitchen too well, or if you are not sure how something will turn out. You want good food, and you don’t want stress worrying about it.

Prepare lighter foods – fish or a tasty filet with rice or steamed vegetables is much better than a heavy meat and potatoes dinner. You don’t want him thinking about a nap instead of you after dinner! Keep the number of courses at or below 4 – appetizer, soup/salad, entrée, and dessert. Serve food with red wine.


Keep in mind, food can be part of foreplay. Feed him bites of food from your fingers. If he reciprocates, take the food from his fingers into your mouth while staring into his eyes. Grab his wrist with both your hands and suck his fingers to get every bit of flavor from them. If you can work whipped cream into your chocolate dessert, be sure to do it. Then get creative.

You can find some recipe suggestions from Sara’s recipes in this free eCookbook when you sign up for the Romance with Rowena newsletter.



What Are You Supposed to Call It When Writing About It?

Euphemisms, dirty words, slang, bedroom talk, correct anatomical references. As a writer, and an avid reader, I understand that words  have meaning, and the meaning can be so very important.

So when I am writing about sex, how am I supposed to refer to all those hot body parts and sweaty, steamy acts? Whenever and wherever I summarize the plot of my novel Ingénue, I always include this disclaimer: This novel contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts.

My writing is intended for mature audiences. I hope to titillate and turn on my readers. There are a variety of sex scenes that contain everything from making out and teasing, to explicit descriptions of penetration  and oral sex.

Another disclaimer: Only 10% of the content of Ingénue is sexually explicit. The other 90% is devoted to the story and the characters. The sex, however, is integral to the story.


What is he or she about to say in this picture?
A) I want you
B) I want to fuck you
C) I want to make love to you
D) I want you  to put your penis in my vagina
E) I want to bury my cock deep in your hot pussy

Nine times out of ten, I am going to write A or C. But there is that one time in ten that B or E is the right answer.  I’m pretty sure D is always silly. It doesn’t matter though. Whatever words I choose, someone will surely be made to feel disappointed, squeamish, or worst of all, completely turned off.

I don’t mind so-called dirty words. In fact, in the right situation, I like them very much. There are, of course, words I don’t like. I think that is true for most women. I don’t use them when I’m writing. Something I’ve noticed, though, I do not react as negatively to those  words as I once did. Perhaps expanding my naughty vocabulary is leading to new ways to express myself.


Aphrodisiac Food

Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs. There is, apparently, science to back this up.  A variety of foods, due to the vitamins and minerals they contain, actually stimulate the pleasure center of the brain.  Some foods are considered aphrodisiacs because of a suggestive appearance. Some foods have libido enhancing aromas. Others may spark neurotransmitters that imitate the the feelings of sexual arousal or love.

Oysters, probably the most oft cited aphrodisiac food, contain high levels of zinc, a nutrient essential to the production of testosterone (key to libido stimulation for both men and women).  The sweet. salty flavor of oysters is also reminiscent of a powerful female pheromone.

Avocados contain high levels of vitamin E, sometimes referred to as the sex vitamin. Avocados also contain a lot of potassium, which enhances libido.

Pomegranates are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, both key nutrients in a healthy sex drive.

The scent of red wine  resembles a mans pheromones. Red wine also contains antioxidants which help blood flow. Blood flow is important to sex, as everyone knows.

Everything about chocolate is sexy! Not only does dark chocolate smell and taste sensuous, eating it causes dopamine levels to spike.  Dopamine  is released in the brain when we fall in love. Dark chocolate also releases tryptophan  a chemical associated with arousal.

Watermelon (this one surprised me, too!), is full of lycopene, which relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation. Studies suggest that watermelon may actually have a viagra-like effect!

These are just a few foods considered to be aphrodisiacs. There are many others, including bananas, red chili peppers, figs,  asparagus, and strawberries.

Can a Lost Moment Be Recaptured?

It happens, usually when you are not expecting it. You see him across the room. Your eyes meet… and lock. There is something about him. He’s not like all the other guys at the bar / party / concert.  Never breaking eye contact, he saunters over to you.

Whatever he says to you in his deep, sexy voice is the perfect thing.  You respond, he smiles. Something inside of you feels suddenly soft and light. A quick once over confirms that all of him is delectable.

He moves closer. You can feel the heat from his body. The conversation begins. He’s smart and funny. He is attentive to your words and body language. The casual flirtation turns into an opportunity.  It’s only a matter of time before he leans down to kiss you. And you want him to. You’re anticipating it with every meaningful look.

Then… he makes an awkward comment, or misunderstands something you say, or  his eyes linger a bit too long on the woman that walks by and smiles at him.  The image of you bringing him coffee in your bed in the morning is shattered. It had been so perfect! Now suddenly, it isn’t.

You turn away from him for the first time since your eyes met.

“What, baby?” he asks you. It’s the same sexy voice, the same hot body, the same smoldering gaze. But he knows something has changed. He drifts away.

You see him as you’re getting ready to leave. Again, your eyes meet. You feel a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth as he flashes you a sweet, sexy grin. You reconsider.

Then, with an imperceptible shake of your head, you shrug your coat on and go home. Alone. shot