Well Dressed Men in Sexy Dishabille

I posted about casual attire the other day, and how hot men can look in the right pair of jeans. Well dressed men are equally hot. Maybe even more so.

Hot, sexy, dishabille
Oh yummy!

A man wearing an expensive, well tailored suit exudes sexiness. He is successful, confident,  and knows how to please a woman. Getting him undressed is always a treat! Something about a well-dressed man in sexy dishabille is such a turn on. That crisp, white shirt hanging open, revealing the soft tuft of hair on his chest, and the glory trail leading to untold delights.

It doesn’t matter who unbuckles his belt. It’s hot when he does it, you watch in anticipation. It’s hot when you do it, like unwrapping  a present.  Either way, watching his clothes being removed piece by piece is an incomparable visual pleasure that never fails to entice.



Guys in Jeans

I think I was about 15 when I first noticed there was something about the way certain guys looked in the right pair of jeans…

My girlfriends and I engaged in the the precursor to texting and text speak.  We wrote each other notes while we were in class, to be passed to each other between classes,  read and responded to during the next class, and we did this all day long.  There is one particular acronym we used that I have never forgotten,  and still use,  at least in the privacy of my own thoughts, and that is CLA.  What, you ask, does that stand for? I’ll give you a hint – a note I may have written at the time might have read something like , “I was standing behind <hot guy> at the drinking fountain,  and I was just staring at his CLA.”

Cute Little Ass.  Firm, rounded cheeks, nicely hugged by a pair of tight jeans. Hot!


The evolutionary tale is that, because women have been so long forced to walk behind men, they learned to appreciate the view.

I have never stopped enjoying the view from behind.  I have also learned that it’s not only the view from behind that makes well fitting jeans a treat for the eyes. Hot guys in jeans is just extremely sexy.