Kiss Me, Please!

Perfect fantasies start with a kiss. Kissing is so hot, sexy, sweet. Lips, I fear, get forgotten sometimes in our rush to other hot, sexy body parts. But the lips… ah, those make me sigh. The sight of a man’s full sensuous lips is all I need for my thoughts to start wandering.

Hot, sweet, sexy lips
Hot, sweet, sexy lips

His arms encircle my waist, as he pulls me against him. I tilt my head to look up at him, my lower lip trapped between my teeth, anticipating. I know he can see it in my eyes, how intensely I long for his kiss. He caresses my face with his strong, warm hand, pushing back my hair. His thumb gently traces my lips. I catch my breath, his touch sends a familiar thrill through me.

I wrap my arms around his broad shoulders, pressing my body against his. He smiles, and moving his hand to the back of my neck, he bends to me. I close my eyes. Ready. Wanting. My knees go weak the second our lips touch. My body melts into him. His hands slip low, grabbing my ass to pull me more tightly against him and I can feel through our clothes that he wants me too.

His tongue parts my lips and my head falls back. I love the hot feel of his mouth on mine. Our tongues dance, our breathing quickens. His kiss becomes deeper, more insistent.

We both know where this is going, but tonight, I want to kiss him forever…

Random Compliments from Strangers

Recently, I began wearing bifocals. I’ve enjoyed 20/20 vision most of my life, but not anymore. I didn’t realize how far from 20/20 I was until I got these glasses. The optometrist told me to wear them, even though it takes awhile to get used to the progressive lenses. She said if I give it enough of a chance, it won’t be long before I know exactly what degree of head tilt I need to see whatever it is I’m looking at.

I am vain enough that I took a good long time picking the frames. So far, everyone has liked them, but friends and family aren’t going to tell you the glasses you just spent top dollar on are not that attractive on your face. I do see myself in the mirror, and think, “I don’t know…”

I met some new people this morning, and one of the people in the group said, shortly after meeting me, “I really like your glasses, Rowena.”

“Oh, thank you,” I responded. “I just started wearing them.” The rest of the group then complimented me, as well.

It was nice. It reminded me that it is always a good idea to say something nice to someone when you can. Also taught me something new – you can compliment someone on their glasses, even if you don’t know them. I never knew that.