My Thanksgiving is Perpetual

I am grateful for what I am and have. My thanksgiving is perpetual.
~Henry David Thoreau

Thanksgiving is a day I have set aside to take time to consider what I am truly thankful for: The health and well being of my sons. Everything else is, as they say, gravy (an appropriate reference today).

I had a very sick baby – in pediatric intensive care – on a long ago Thanksgiving.  He recovered, and has grown up to be a fine man, and a wonderful person. I am so lucky.  Those dark days in the hospital, though, made it very clear to me what I should be thankful for.

Every year since, I have cooked a huge Thanksgiving dinner for family, friends, my table is open to all this day. Some years I have a big crowd, some years a small group. But every year, my sons are here – and as long as they are, my day is perfect, no matter what else happens.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Kiss Me, Please!

Perfect fantasies start with a kiss. Kissing is so hot, sexy, sweet. Lips, I fear, get forgotten sometimes in our rush to other hot, sexy body parts. But the lips… ah, those make me sigh. The sight of a man’s full sensuous lips is all I need for my thoughts to start wandering.

Hot, sweet, sexy lips
Hot, sweet, sexy lips

His arms encircle my waist, as he pulls me against him. I tilt my head to look up at him, my lower lip trapped between my teeth, anticipating. I know he can see it in my eyes, how intensely I long for his kiss. He caresses my face with his strong, warm hand, pushing back my hair. His thumb gently traces my lips. I catch my breath, his touch sends a familiar thrill through me.

I wrap my arms around his broad shoulders, pressing my body against his. He smiles, and moving his hand to the back of my neck, he bends to me. I close my eyes. Ready. Wanting. My knees go weak the second our lips touch. My body melts into him. His hands slip low, grabbing my ass to pull me more tightly against him and I can feel through our clothes that he wants me too.

His tongue parts my lips and my head falls back. I love the hot feel of his mouth on mine. Our tongues dance, our breathing quickens. His kiss becomes deeper, more insistent.

We both know where this is going, but tonight, I want to kiss him forever…

We Ought to Dance with Rapture

“We ought to dance with rapture that we might be alive… and part of the living, incarnate cosmos.” So said D.H. Lawrence.

Dancing is so sexy! Music taps into a part of the subconscious that releases something basic to the courtship ritual. It’s like an interview for mating. The beat of the music encourages you to move in ways that you would move if you were making love. You get hot, you sweat, your lips part in a provocative half smile as you pant, out of breath, on display, ready.

And when the music is slow, your body presses up against your partner,  mimicking the position of love-making. Your breasts pressed against his chest, your arms wrapped around his broad shoulders, drawing him to you. His strong hands encircle your waist, his hands slip low on your hips, as he pulls your hips tight against him. You stare up into his eyes, waiting for the kiss that will seal your intimacy.

There is no dancing in Awake in a Sweet Unrest, but Sara loves to dance.

I’m fairly sure that Eric took Sara dancing. Eric likes to make her happy, so of course he would have. Eric would be fun to dance with, though he would pull Sara close and move with the music when the song was slow and sexy. He would wrap his arms around her waist, and pull her hips tight against him. She would wrap her arms around his neck, and rest her head on his chest, feeling his heartbeat as they swayed in sensuous rhythm to the music.  Yes, slow dancing with Eric made Sara hot. It was like making love with their clothes on.


“Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Nathan danced with her in La Taha’a, but I don’t think anywhere else. First, they were limited by the fact that they could not be seen publicly together. Second, Nathan doesn’t seem like much of a dancer. But if he were, he would be very good at it. Very sensual, very sexy.  Dancing with Nathan would be intense, as is everything with him. When the dance ended, you would feel satisfied, as if you had actually made love.


I think I will have some dancing in the sequel. Thinking about it makes me hot!

A Different Treat for Your Viewing Pleasure

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. My favorite holiday of all! I will cook a big turkey dinner with all the good food that goes with it. So, in the spirit of visual stimulation on my blog, I searched for some Thanksgiving pictures.

Not my best idea ever! Now I am craving turkey and stuffing, potatoes and gravy…



Visual Stimulation

I decided the blog needs a bit more visual stimulation. So, I’ve been searching for images. I’ve seen some pretty hot pics – it’s kind of fun searching. I came across this model, and it seems I’m in love. This is definitely Eric when he was younger (and before he had blue eyes). Thought I’d share, because, DAMN!




No Politics in a DC-based Romance?

It was difficult to keep politics out of it. Eric and Nathan are political by the very nature of their jobs. I thought I could keep Sara neutral – her reasons for not following politics are compelling. Besides, she is a hardworking, single mother, and not inclined to expend her emotional resources on getting worked up about issues of the day over which she has no control. Her plate was quite full without adding a daily dose of political outrage.

I’m a little more politically savvy than Sara, and I assure you, both Eric and Nathan have strong political personalities. I know what they are, too. I know what political party Nathan belongs to, and I know what television networks Eric is most likely to be on. But, the book is a romance, not a political treatise, so I thought I would just keep any content that might be divisive out of the story altogether.

If you love Eric (how could you not?) you can assume he believes the same things that you do. If you love Nathan, he will probably be the next presidential candidate for your party. If you don’t love Nathan you can imagine him as the member of the party you would never vote for. Not everyone loves Nathan. My sons are convinced that I wrote him as a member of the political party I do not vote for. They’re wrong. Of course, they read the Parcheesi version of the book, so they will never really understand my affection for him.

I want everyone to enjoy the stories between Sara and Eric, and Sara and Nathan. If the hot, sexy hero of a love story starts espousing political beliefs that are at odds with yours, he will begin to lose some of the shininess that made your heart beat quickly when you met him. Neither Eric or Nathan turns me off politically, because I knew what they were thinking when I wrote them. But when I published the book, I gave them both to you, my readers, and I’m pretty sure that, politically, they believe whatever you want them to.