Lazy Sundays

It’s a beautiful morning here! Cool, autumn, Sunday mornings are great for slipping back in to bed with a cup of coffee and a good book. So that is what I am going to do! I’ve got a stack of books waiting on the bedside table – not even sure what’s there. I think I’ll just pick one at random and start reading.

Happy lazy Sunday!

What Makes A Guy Hot?

What makes a guy hot?

Ask 100 different women, you’ll get close to 100 different answers. Some things will be repeated, eyes, smile, sense of humor. But most guys have eyes and a smile, and most, though not all, have a sense of humor, whether it matches yours or not.

I find a lot of men attractive, but like most women, I find I’m drawn to a particular look more so than others. Isn’t this true for most people? I like tall men with dark hair. Could you tell? Both Eric and Nathan have dark hair. They are both over 6’. Eric’s scintillating blue eyes would turn my head every time. Nathan, with his gray eyes, would captivate me.

Confidence is a very sexy trait. I’ve dated short men, with little or no hair of any color, because they exude confidence. A commanding presence can leave all the traditionally good looking guys in the room wondering what that short, bald guy has that they don’t.

A great sense of humor can do the same thing. I don’t know if laughter releases the hormones of love or what, but a guy that can make you laugh is a hot guy. Stick with him!

And sometimes, it’s a touch, a look, a shared moment. Sometimes your mind, or body, or intuition tells you, “This one. This is true love.” Don’t let that moment go.

Best WiFi Coffee Shop

Besides Zingerman’s of course, which is not in the accessible radius of my current circumstances.

My son is taking driver training in Ann Arbor – 2 hours every evening during the week. Home is too far to drive – I’d get there and have to turn around and come right back. No fun, especially this time of day. I think I’ve been to every coffee shop nearby. I have one more week to find out.

I wonder if I can save the receipts for a tax deduction?* Research for my book, you know. Since Sara has returned to Ann Arbor, she’ll need to know where she can get the best cappuccino. She had to abandon the cappuccino maker Eric gave her when she fled Virginia.

I already know it’s Zingerman’s.

*My son just inquired if I was serious about the tax deduction. No. I was kidding.

Why Would Any Woman In Her Right Mind … ? (Mild Spoilers)

Why Would Any Woman In Her Right Mind Leave Eric Leland?

I know! I know! I’ve had more than a few readers let me know that they were pissed off at the turn the story takes in Book Two: Nathan. If you thought reading it was hard, you should have tried writing it! I was mad at Sara, too. I had to walk away from the book for a couple of weeks before I could continue the story.

But, the story was always a love triangle. From the very day the idea was conceived, it was about being torn between loving two men.  It’s a sexy idea, and a classic romance story line.

Sara is naive in the ways of love and romance. She wasn’t really prepared for Eric, let alone a powerful and dynamic man like Nathan. She didn’t understand, and couldn’t resist, her undeniable physical attraction to him. She made a choice not everyone agrees with, but it was her choice to make.

The consensus so far seems to be: keep reading. One reader told me she was ready to stop reading after Sara’s first encounter with Nathan. After their second tryst however, she was like “Eric who?”

So, yes readers, I love Eric, and hated that Sara hurt him. But I love Nathan, too. Not sure I would have chosen any differently than Sara did.


Adjusting to eBooks (I Still Love Book Books!)

The first book I ever read (completely, from start to finish) exclusively in electronic format is Ingénue. Really.  I wrote it on my computer. It was edited and proofed on PCs, laptops, tablets, and as a PDF. Then published as an eBook on Amazon.

The Kindle edition is currently the only version of the book available. I have submitted to publish a print copy. I want to hold an actual book in my hands. I need to flip through the pages, set the book on my night stand, find a special place on a bookshelf for it, for validation. Yes, I did write a book! See?

I still buy books. When the local library has the $5 a bag book sale, you can find me there, scanning the shelves, filling a brown paper grocery sack. I bring the books home, and fill the book shelves in my own
library. Some of the books get read, some probably never will, but I know they are here, enticing,  beckoning me  to new adventures…

I have a Kindle. I’ve had it for years. It is full of eBooks I have started reading, but never finished. I can’t explain my reluctance. I just love
actual physical books.

Time to make the transition. It’s 2015, and my readers are reading my book electronically. I’m going to charge up my Kindle (I hope I can find it!) and see how Sara, Eric, and Nathan  look on that device. Then I’m going to finish reading The Blind Assassin which I can’t believe I stopped reading mid-novel.

Don’t worry library! I’ll still be at the book sale next month.