One Night (A Fantasy) – Part 1

A light scent of lavender wafted up when she opened the drawer. She sunk her hands into the soft, silky jumble, smiling, running her fingers pantiesover her array of lingerie. She was looking for something specific, something skimpy, and sexy, and soft – a pair of black lace panties, that, when she put them on, would hug her ass snugly, and outline her lips – provocatively, not blatantly. She spotted what she was looking for and fished the panties out.

“Perfect!” she thought, bending to slip them on. She straightened, and pulled them up, turning to preen in front of the mirror. She frowned, wishing she still had the body of her youth, not that she’d appreciated it when she had it. She shook her head and shrugged. It would simply have to do. She returned her attention to the lingerie drawer.

What should she wear? He liked sexy underclothes, but getting undressed was an important element tonight. She shivered with anticipation, thinking of him fumbling with the zipper on her pants, and felt decidedly damp when she imagined him pulling them down.

“Careful, girly,” she said to herself. “You’re going to have to change underwear if you keep thinking like that.” She looked at all the pretty silk. “Why not both?” she thought, and picked out a lacy red teddy. It was nylon, not silk, but it stretched and it clung to her body and accentuated her tits. He’d like that, she was sure of it. So she slipped it on. She grabbed her jeans and shimmied into them, tucking the teddy in.

This was not a bad look, just like that, she thought. But no, she wanted him to undress her. She riffled through her blouses. Unbutton, or pull off? She couldn’t decide. Her favorite floral chiffon top caught her eye. It did have buttons, but could be slipped easily over her head, as well. She’d wear that one, and let him decide.

She neatened up the room, and went to the kitchen. She opened a bottle of wine, not sure if or when they might drink it, but he had once intimated that he would enjoy licking wine off her breasts, so she figured it was best to be prepared.

She looked at the clock. Less than an hour. She was so excited, she couldn’t stay still. He was coming this time, surely he was. He had promised. He wasn’t going to disappoint her again. He wanted this as much as she did. Didn’t he?

She checked her makeup, and brushed her long auburn hair yet again. She was so nervous! Why? She’d done this before. It was because tonight it was him. The man who, through design, or chance had managed to tap her deepest desires. She had wanted him for so long. And tonight! Tonight, she would finally feel his touch, hear his voice, taste his kisses.

lipsShe realized her hands were shaking. She reapplied her dark, vibrant lipstick. The sun had set, so she made sure there was soft lighting in the bedroom, and in the front room. She didn’t want any harsh light to start off with. He was younger than she, and despite having entertained younger men before with no complaint, she was still self-conscious about her age.

Her heart skipped when she heard his car in the drive.  “Oh, god,” she said, trying to catch her breath, putting her hand to her chest, as though it would still her fluttering heart. When he knocked, she stood and walked to the door. She stood perfectly still for one second before taking a deep breath, and opening it.

Her eyes widened with pleasure as her gaze swept over him, taking in his height – he was tall, she loved that! It was cold outside, so he was wearing a coat, but she got a sense of his body, the jeans that hung just right on his narrow hips.

“Hi,” she said, smiling. “Come in.” He walked through the door, and dropped his bag. They stood there, and she stayed still as his eyes now raked over her. She willed herself not to give the “What do you think?” questioning shrug.

“You came,” she said breathlessly, and stepped close to him.

“I did,” he responded, and reached out, pulling her to him. Her arms snaked up around his shoulders and she turned her face up to him.

“I’m so glad,” she whispered just before she felt his lips on hers. It was the kiss she had dreamed of …


to be continued

The Internet is SO Shiny! The Uneasy Author/Internet Relationship

The author/internet relationship is never easy.

As a writer, I love the Internet. There is no better tool for researching even the most minute of details. I needed a timeline of cell phone development – when did they become commonplace? When did texting become the most prevalent form of communication? At what point did a camera become standard on a smartphone? When did phones become smart?phone

The novel I am working on now scans decades, and It was only a couple chapters in that I recalled cell phones were not widely used prior to the 90s, and texting and connectivity came even later. A quick Google search returned a number of results that gave me the details I needed.  Did you know that the Nokia 3510, released in 2001, had a functional calendar, and an FM radio? Très cool …

It is so convenient to be able to find the menu of a particular restaurant, an exotic vacation destination, or the name of an interior design technique without ever leaving your desk. You are already at your computer, because it is here that a writer works. It allows you to keep the rhythm of your writing while not requiring a come back to this notation. “1978,” you can type with confidence, “was the year of the Great Blizzard.”

On the other hand …

As a writer, I hate the Internet. It is so damn shiny! It is so easy to be distracted from the task at hand. So many ways to veer off track and waste some time! There is social media (FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagram and more!), news, videos, cooking sites, travel sites, history, humor, pictures, shopping, books, discussion forums from a-z, pages with lists of links to things you never even knew you wanted to look at, and CATS! So many cats!phembly

And all that is before you’ve even opened the file containing your current project!

Even when you are really working you can be so easily sidetracked! For instance, for this article, I found myself scanning articles and looking at old pictures of the snowstorm that paralyzed Michigan in 1978. That was a helluva storm! Or when researching cell phones, I read about the Motorola Razr, and remembered when I had one, I hacked it so I could use my own ringtone … which led to finding the song, which reminded me of another song … and next thing I know, I’ve spent 45 minutes listening to old songs I love on youtube.

While it’s true I do get a giggle out of telling people that part of my job is scrolling through endless picture of hot guys, this can be a serious pitfall. Go to the Adobe stock photography site, and do a search for “sexy man” You’ll see what I mean! I don’t consider that time wasted, by any means, as marketing is part of our job, and a romance writer needs pictures, but certainly it can be a distraction (albeit a super pleasant one).

So what is the solution? I do not know. Most days, I can put my blinders on, and stay focused. Other days, I strike an acceptable balance.

Then there are the days I am so completely distracted, I wonder if I should be writing a retro sci-fi story about what the Great Blizzard of ’78 would have been like if hot guys had cell phones back then …

melting snow, hot kiss
melting snow, hot kiss

The Saddest Words …

I fell in love. A little bit, but just a little.

He was a shy, sweet, sexy man. An intelligent, witty, young man. Tall, and lean, with blue eyes, so he told me. About the eyes. His pictures bore out the truth of his physique, but none revealed his eyes clearly. His smile was appealing, and sincere, but who knows what his eyes would have told me?

We met online, and only ever online. We were members of the same forum. Not a dating site, or a place to fall in love, it was a mutual interest discussion forum. We enjoyed our exchanges so much, we eventually abandoned the forum for our conversation, and switched to email.

We exchanged personal information, and a few pics.  We talked about meeting, though he lived far away. The conversation intensified, and so did my fantasies. I wanted to meet him, in fact, I was sure that we would spark in person, as we had online.

It was not to be. Our correspondence faded. Where we had once emailed each other daily, sometimes several times a day, there were now intervals of weeks between emails. I sent him a happy new year message yesterday, wanting him to know that I still think of him. Maybe he will respond. Maybe he won’t.

So I can be sad for those saddest words “…what might have been.” But I don’t really have to be, do I? Because nothing ventured, nothing gained…or lost. And nothing was, was it? `

Resolution for the New Year

Write something every day. Every single day! Whether a chapter, or a blog post, an article for my newsletter, or a guest post somewhere.  Twitter posts and Facebook updates do not count. The criteria will be meaningful content that moves my current projects along.

I’ve become so lazy! I will do better in 2017. Plan for the year:


I still have a week to get started with my new habit …

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Serious Reading: Interview with Rowena Tisdale, author of “Ingénue”

So here is my interview on the Serious Reading website!

What inspires you to write?

The characters that pop into my thoughts and demand their stories be told.

How often do you write?

I try to write daily, but as the Queen of Procrastination, I can even put off procrastinating.

How hard was it to sit down and actually start writing something?

That part is not difficult for me. I can sit down and write a first chapter almost on demand. The hard part for me is following through with what I’ve started. I have so many first chapters in my writing file, I could probably write a hundred books. It’s just that I am easily distracted by new, shiny things.

Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?

Both of these things can happen. I knew the story of Ingénue from beginning to end before I started writing it. The novel I am working on now is a source of continual surprise to me, as my characters take me where they will.

Can you tell us about your current projects?

I have a few irons in the fire, but my main project is my second book. I thought it was a romance, and it may well be, but it is much darker than Ingénue. It is about a December-May marriage that appears idyllic on the surface, but there are tensions in the relationship that threaten the well-being of Claire (the wife). It is definitely a love story. Of sorts …

Have you ever experienced “Writer’s Block”? How long do they usually last?

Oh my God! Yes! I just recently overcame a six month block. Granted, it doesn’t usually last that long, but really, I had despaired of ever writing again.

Any tips you would like to share to overcome it?


Seriously, I don’t know if there is a trick to make it go away. My block was cleared when something that happened in my real life triggered a response from my main character. “You know how I feel,” Claire whispered to me. “Write it down.”

Have you ever considered writing an autobiography?

Yes, but no one would believe it.

How possessive are you about your work?

That is a tricky question. I am very possessive, and bristle at suggestions that I change so much as even one word. But once a book is published, it belongs to those who read it. I am always somewhat hurt, and a little bit sad when readers don’t like Nathan. I love Nathan! But I can’t make readers see him as I do.

Do you proofread and edit your work on your own or pay someone to do it for you?

I proof and edit myself. And edit. And edit. And edit. And edit … and edit. Then I usually edit.

Did you ever change sentences more than five times just because it didn’t hit the right notes?

Sometimes many more than 5! I am relatively chill about most things – I approach life mostly as a spontaneous adventure. I’m lackadaisical about housework, budgeting, and fashion, for instance. But when it comes to words … OCD doesn’t even begin to describe it! There is a perfect way to say something, and that is the way it should be said.

Do all authors have to be grammar Nazis?

I always notice incorrect grammar, though rarely call it out. I understand that the complex, beautiful English language is quickly becoming extinct. It saddens me, but is not something I foresee being reversed.

As far as insistence on correct grammar -only for myself. …And my kids. Their English is impeccable.

How important is research to you when writing a book?

You may think that writing a romance requires no particular research. It does! I don’t mean the kind of personal romantic experience I bring to my writing either. Details are important, and I want everything in a story to have the ring of truth. So I will research any number of things, right down to restaurant menus, and ethical emerald mines.

What works best for you: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand?

Computers were made for people like me! I love to use the written word as a means of communication, but my handwriting is atrocious. If I had to write by hand, I’d lose 90% of what I write – it’s so bad, even I can’t decipher it!

Do you have a library at home?

I do! When we moved in to our current house, I was so excited when I realized I had an extra room. It’s always been a dream of mint to have a library, and now I do. I love being surrounded by books.

What are your views on modern erotica? Have they completely dehumanized the idea, or is it better?

As with any genre, erotica, when well written, can be quite good. There is an erotic element in my romances, so obviously, I’m not going to say anything overly negative about it. I am often disappointed by the lack of diversity in this area. BDSM is not my thing, so I don’t read much of the current crop of books that fall into this category. The sub/dom theme is too prevalent – “Oh, I love it, but he made me do it!” I am gratified that women are more accepting of their sexuality, I’d just prefer it if they were in control and unashamed.

Do you prefer being intoxicated to write? Or would you rather write sober?

While I often feel my writing is quite scintillating after a couple glasses of wine, the harsh morning re-read usually proves me wrong. I prefer to write sober, as I do it much better that way.

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

I do not read as much as I should, or I would like to. I used to always have my nose in a book. These days, I have less time, and I am very discerning – some might say picky – about what I read.

My favorite authors are usually the dead ones – Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens … I am still a huge Shakespeare fan. I’ve recently fallen in love with Dorothy Parker. As far as more contemporary authors? I enjoy Margaret Atwood and Anne Rice. Anything more current, I would have to say I more like a specific book than a particular author.

Does a bad review affect your writing?

No, only my self-esteem. I don’t think non-writers understand how much of a writer’s soul is in their work. If they did, I’m sure they would never say an unkind word. This is why I do not edit or critique other authors. It is a very rare thing for me to write a review as well. In fact, unless I love your book, and find it near flawless, I will not review it.

How would you feel if no one showed up at your book signing?

I would weep.

Do you read any of your own work?

The first electronic book I read from start to finish was Ingénue. Since it was published in that format, I wanted to view it the way my readers would be reading it.





The Romance of Dressing Right (New Project Runway Starts Tonight!)

“You’re either in, or you’re out.” Heidi is so matter of fact! i try to imitate her when my cats stand indecisively at the door.

Completely off the romance path, but new season of Project Runway! I’m so excited! Maybe not totally off topic, though, now that I think about it. Clothes can be sexy, romantic, and certainly an element in catching the eye of the opposite sex. So! Let’s categorize this post as romantic clothing!

I love that show. I’ve been watching since season one – which, in my opinion was the best. I have missed a few seasons along the way, and have never been a fan of all-stars, though I did watch at least part of the one with Austin Scarlett. I still can’t believe he didn’t win. I adore him, and his designs. He is so talented.

Sewing is one of the things I do in my free time (Haha! As if I have such a thing). Mostly, I make costumes – I have a beautiful dress to wear when I go to the Renaissance Festival, but have also made Halloween and Anime costumes. Sesshomaru (from Inuyasha) – that was a difficult design!

Anyway, I will take a break from writing on Thursday nights for the next several weeks to watch Heidi decide who in in and who is out. I love seeing the fantastic (and not so fantastic) clothes the designers make, and disagreeing with the judges. I don’t know how many times, over the course of the years I’ve been watching I have shrieked incredulously, “Who would wear that‽”